Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Deadly, Calm & Cold (The Collectors); Her Tender Touch (Harlequin Kimani) #Books

Revenge, secrets, lost treasure, collectors...todays' anticipated selections has it! First up is:

Book: Deadly, Calm & Cold (The Collectors)

By: Susannah Sandlin

Release Date: December 2, 2014

Pubisher: Montlake Romance


From award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes the second book in The Collectors series.

How far will ordinary people go to protect their secrets? The Collectors’ games are as much about manipulating lives as finding lost treasure. Everyone is expendable as the ruthless C7 pushes people into gambling with their lives in order to find priceless objects lost to history.

Samantha Crowe’s secrets could ruin her career, while Brody Parker’s could get him killed. They become pawns for two Collectors seeking Bad King John’s crown jewels, which disappeared in rural England back when Robin Hood roamed Nottingham. This time, however, the Collectors—a ruthless dotcom billionaire and a desperate London detective—might not be playing for the same team, leaving Sam and Brody trapped in the middle.

One thing’s for sure: if either hopes to survive, Sam and Brody will have to find a way to overcome their distrust—and their growing attraction—in order to succeed on this winner-take-all treasure hunt.

Find out more about Susannah Sandlin's books here.

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Book: Her Tender Touch

By Dara Girard

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance


Satisfaction guaranteed…

The software empire Jason Ward built from scratch is his best revenge against the tragic past he wants to forget. But when a business rival seizes his company, he discovers he has to reinvent his ruthless reputation. Hiring Abby Baylor to give him a polished edge with investors is a brilliant business move. Until she unleashes a desire that has Jason aching to show the gorgeous etiquette coach a few maneuvers of his own.

Still reeling from a messy divorce, Abby's steering clear of romance, especially with her fiery-tempered new client. But the seductive entrepreneur is tempting her to mix business and pleasure with a passion that soon melts her resolve. However, when secrets from Jason's past threaten both their futures and their lives, is Abby ready to gamble everything on love—the biggest game-changer of all?

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Secret Affair (The Westmorelands); Love's Wager #Books

I look forward to new releases by my favorite authors and releases by new or new to me authors. Todays' selections are Kimani releases.

Book: The Secret Affair (The Westmorelands)

By: Brenda Jackson

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin Desire


Will this Westmoreland affair remain a secret?

It has been a year since Jillian Novak ended their affair—a year that left Dr. Aidan Westmoreland determined to win back his lover. He knows they shouldn't have to keep their relationship a secret and he'll follow her around the world to prove it.

Fourteen days on a cruise ship—just Aidan, Jillian and the deep blue sea…and a passion that won't be denied.

Want more Westmorelands? Click here.

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Book: Love's Wager (Kimani Hotties)

By: J M Jeffries

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance


The stakes for love are sky-high

No one can do A-list glitz and glamour like public relations consultant Nina Torres. The grand reopening of a Reno casino and resort to rival Vegas promises to be the media event of the decade. And with Casa de Mariposa's unveiling slated for New Year's Eve, Nina's got to work her legendary magic fast. But this smart and sophisticated divorcée has come too far to let some uptight ex-soldier cramp her style, even if Scott Russell is off-the-charts gorgeous.

Keeping people safe is what Scott does. But the sensual Nina is putting more than his job as head of security at risk. And when their fiery clash of wills ignites a passion that leaves them both wanting more, there's no turning back. Now Scott will need everything in his arsenal to protect Nina from past and present dangers. Together, are they ready to gamble on the most priceless jackpot of all?

Find out more about the author and their books here

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick) #books

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that are eagerly anticipated.

From Author's website:

Book: Instinct (Chronicles of Nick)

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Release Date: March 31, 2015

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

From Goodreads:

Zombies, demons, vampires, shapeshifters— another day in the life of Nick Gautier– and those are just his friends. But now that he’s accepted the demon that lives inside him, he must learn to control it and temper the very emotions that threaten the lives of everyone he cares for. Something that’s hard to do while trying to stay off the menus of those who want his head on a platter. And no one wants him more than the dark gods who created his race. Now that they know where he is, they will stop at nothing to reclaim him. And without knowing it, Nick has just embraced the one person he should never have trusted. The one person who will hand him over to his enemies to get back the life they lost.

Nick has finally accepted his fate, now he must learn to defy his destiny, and the dark, deadly forces that will stop at nothing to destroy everyone he loves so that they can again return to the world of man and own it.

Learn more about the Chronicles of Nick here.

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